Music has always been a big part of Doug’s life. As a youngster, growing up in Muskegon Heights, Michigan, there was always music in the house. Doug’s father was a singer in the church and his brother was in the school band. Feeling the Motown influence from across the state of Michigan, music was everywhere and was a huge motivation for everyone!

Doug credits his mother for getting him involved with playing the saxophone. “Mom told me, you can decide what instrument you want to play, but you WILL be joining the school band!”  Doug chose the saxophone because of the beauty of its appearance and sound.  Beginning in the fourth grade and throughout high school, he played in concert, ensemble, and marching bands. When in college, Doug joined several different dance bands as a hobby.

After graduating college, Doug moved to Los Angeles and began full-time work in the Telecommunications Industry and the saxophone went into the closet….for almost 20 years, only to come out on occasion to play along while listening to great influential players such as Grover Washington, Tom Scott, Ronnie Laws, and others. Eventually, he realized that music was a huge part of who he is and he began to play again.

Currently, Doug plays with local bands and does his solo saxophone act at various venues and events around LA. You can also find him playing on the Santa Monica Pier. Doug has shared the stage with Smooth Jazz artists such as Al Jarreau, Peter White, Euge Groove, Randy Jacobs, Mindi Abair and many others.